Ten years ago there was no chance I would have guessed to be where I am today – an athlete, a writer, an on-screen presenter, and adventurer. Younger me? On track to study Theatre in college, terrified the water and even more scared about how life was unfolding in front of me – and as most young adults, not knowing what to do of it until…

Until I discover what made me really passionate: action sports. I started kiteboarding, and as cheesy as it may sound, it changed my life.

So in the years that followed, I received my education in Health Sciences, overcame my fear for the water to become a professional kiteboarder and ditched my trepidation about the world at large by solo traveling through Europe in a camper van and got hooked on photography.

I learned to follow my passion, my heart and my intuitions. I proved to myself that I was a determined person with energy and drive. I would picture myself doing the things I love and then make them happen.


Proactive, motivated, driven – this is how I approach everything I do. Over a decade apart from that scared, uncertain girl I once knew, I now have a more active imagination and stronger appetite for what life can be. My eclectic field of interest and open mind bring me to get interested in just about any subject.

My attention and interests lie in the adventure just around the corner. I am drawn to the unknown, I thrive in situations outside of the routine, long for remote places and seek out new faces. My goals and ambitions are no longer dictated by fear and reservation rather fuelled and guided by a healthy appetite for living.

My work? I do things that excite me, entertain me and educate me – and I do them to excite, entertain, and educate others. Presenter, journalist, translator, athlete… and always looking to add more strings to my bow!

Wanna do something cool together? Give me a shout. I’m always up for a new adventure.

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